Sticker and Label Printing Options

Although custom sticker and label printing seems straightforward, there are some important things to remember

Consider Intended Sticker Use

Indoor Use in Calgary

Label stickers for indoor use do not need to be so durable, since they will not be exposed to outdoor weather conditions and wear. Label stock of a 70# matte or gloss finish should work fine. “Crack’n Peel” stock, that you bend and pull the label away from its backing, is perfect for light-duty indoor use. When choosing this stock, you still need to select sticker sizes and the number of ink colors you want.

Durable Substrates for More Demanding Uses

It is important to inform your calgary business printing vendor such as velocity press inc calgary what the final use of your labels will be. This is to ensure that the labels produced meet your needs and fulfill their intended purpose. Labels that will be exposed to extreme heat or cold and/or moisture must be much more durable than those used indoors in climate-controlled areas. For example, wine bottles and food labels sweat due to temperature variations and the resulting condensation. Therefore, it is important to use labels that will continue to stick to products under those conditions and ones with inks that will not smear or run.

Some custom labels, including political campaign stickers, should be printed on more durable substrates like vinyl rather than paper. If laminated, these sticker mediums can withstand all the intense outdoor elements. Sunlight will not fade or bleach them and water will not warp or smear them. More demanding factory conditions require even stronger label materials. These stickers could be coated with matte anodized aluminum and glued to metal and plastic surfaces with acrylic adhesive. These factory labels are so ware resistant that they can withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals and scuffing.

There are many other options for you to decide on when ordering labels. You can have them printed on a white or clear base layer and can have them printed in various geometric shapes. It is also possible to have bar coding or sequential numbering imprinted on your labels. This is useful in keeping track of various items and identifying them for future use.

Printing Methodsprinting service

New methods of label printing have evolved over the years. In the past, before digital printing, labels were printed on flexographic printing presses. These utilized rubber plates to press images on the label stock. The raised lettering and images on the plates would be inked and this raised area would be imprinted on the stickers. This was what was referred to as a relief process. In the modern day, this printing technology has been supplanted by laser imaging equipment and inkjet presses. These technologies have made it much easier for smaller companies to offer label printing services to clients, at more affordable prices than in the past. Rather than needing a big company with a large printing press to produce labels, many people today have digital printing equipment at home that can effectively do the job. This has resulted in business owners saving time, money and effort. Of course, certain industrial-grade labels require more advanced equipment and materials than people are likely to have at home in calgary.

History of Sticker Printing

Stickers have been around for quite some time. Over 130 years ago, applying adhesive gum to the back of sheets of paper became a practical commercial process, and every since then, stickers have become part of the world we know so well. Stickers were originally used to mark crates for transport, however, they have now developed into other categories, and now the uses match advances in printing technology.

A use of stickers that has gained popularity in urban communities is a type of street art. This type of street art is not to be confused with graffiti and posters. This fast application of stickers has made them the abnormal artist’s secret art tool. Instead of at subway stations, or random blocks, the artwork is completed in the comfort of the artist’s studio or own home, then it is printed. If the quantity of stickers being printed is small, then they can be printed at home. However, for larger quantities or better quality stickers, it is best that the stickers be printed somewhere like a print shop that offers sticking printing services.

After they are printed, the stickers can be taken to wherever part of town the artist would like for people to view them and be left there. The stickers are able to be put in public places, public transportation, walls, or anywhere the artist would like to display their message.